Saturday, December 8, 2007


Christian -

How DARE you? How DARE you?? I cannot BELIEVE how you have betrayed me!!

All of these years you have had such a lukewarm faith - never witnessing to anyone, never imposing your beliefs on anyone, never being bold about Jesus and what He has done in your life.

And now THIS!

Not only have you shared your belief, you shared it with one who was only HOURS away from being with me for ETERNITY!! That is the ultimate insult.

Whatever possessed you to go visit someone in the hospital anyway?? You never did that kind of thing before.

I just don't even know you anymore.


Do you really understand what happens when someone accepts Christ?

Accepting Christ isn't just something to help you have a better life or feel better - you have truly changed your eternal residence. You have changed your destiny from a place of fiery torment to a place of love, beauty and worshipping God.

Do you really get it?

Picture your darkest moment, your deepest despairing moment. Magnify that by a thousandfold. Add to that heat beyond imagining. Surrounded by demons. Cut off from loved ones. Thirst. Pain. Tormented by the demons that surround you.

There is a book by Bill Wiese called 23 Minutes in Hell. I highly recommend it. The word pictures he uses to describe Hell are striking. (I found my copy at Wal-Mart.) It brings the reality of what Hell is like.

Now, do you know what you do when you share the Gospel with someone? You offer them the chance to escape all of that. To have a wonderful eternity.

Who will you witness to today?

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