Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A few questions answered

I have had a few questions asked of me, so I will take a minute to clear up a few things. :o)

1. Do you really talk to Satan?

Um. No. It is just a literary technique used to make a point.

2. Why should I buy the book if I can read the blog?

The blog is just a sample of what is in the book. The book goes much more in-depth and has much more commentary and self-examination questions. There is also more Bible study.

3. Who publishes your book?

At this point, the book is self-published. For ordering information, you need to contact me at

4. I would like to get copies for my church. Do you give quantity discounts?

Yes, I do. Please contact me for more details.

5. Any future plans for more books?

Yes, I am working on another book, Rants of a Homeschooling Mom. In addition, I am planning on a book called Ten More Letters from Satan, due out next year. I am also designing a Bible study/small group study version of Ten Letters from Satan.


Anonymous said...


What a neat concept for a blog! Thanks for sharing.

prdiva4 said...

Wow! you got great ideas and I can't wait for the books to be out!


Shay :o) said...

Thanks for the kind words, everybody! :o)

The book will be available in early January of 2008. You can reserve your copy now.

For information, please email me at

-----Shay :o)