Saturday, November 24, 2007

I love it when you fight amongst yourselves!

Dear Christian,

Today I overheard you talk about "that" church down the road. "Those people aren't really Christians," you said.

Your reason? Because they use a different style of music than your church does! Their pastor had asked to partner with your church for a community outreach program (*shudder*), but your pastor refused. "After all," he said when he explained it to the leadership in your church later, "they aren't like us. They just have different beliefs."


Did you know that "that" church stole 5 souls from me last week? (It still burns me up thinking about it.) And they stole the souls of 8 children from me the week before! (Almost as many as your church did that week.) They insist on using the same Bible you do and preaching from it each week. They also reach out to the lost and steal souls from me, just like you do.

But that's okay. By seeing them as "different" and not as "spiritual" because they sue a different style of singing and music, you keep from working together with them and stealing more souls from me!


Such a trivial thing to let people go to Hell for, but that's okay. I will be sure to tell them that they might have been reached if you had not been so stubborn. It will make their misery so much worse, knowing that they could have avoided their fate - had you taken action.

Thanks for the extra souls!


Why do we let such small issues divide us as churches?

I am not talking about important issues, such as what it takes to get to Heaven.

I am talking about things that really do not matter.

The Bible doesn't tell us that only hymns are holy. Or that singing hyms is the sign of a spiritually "dead" church.

The Bible doesn't say that people who wear jeans to church are not really Christians. Or that wearing a suit and tie is wrong.

These are man-made issues that keep churches from working together. And I think they break God's heart.

------Shay :o)


Anonymous said...

Great point Shay!

I love your blog! Keep it up!


Shay :o) said...

Thank you!

-----Shay :o)