Monday, November 19, 2007

I visited your Sunday School last Sunday

Dear Sunday School members,

I visited your Sunday School last Sunday and was overjoyed to see so many of you had not attended. I become very anxious when I see people participating in Bible study. That's why I have so many activities to keep you out late on Saturday nights.

I heard some lessons not well prepared, so a lot of your allotted time was consumed in talking about ball games and business concerns. Furthermore, many classes reported no contacts during the week. It was wonderful! And even more exciting was the fact that many of your classes do not have F.A.I.T.H. teams and place no emphasis on reaching lost people. You're making my job so easy that I am thinking about taking four weeks' vacation next year instead of my usual two.

Also, I've noticed that the lonliest place in town on visitation night is the church. I always sweat this night out, because if you go out and tell someone about Jesus they might get saved. But you Sunday School members are so easily turned away by a lot of important events I have planned for you on that night. I have also discovered that it is more comfortable for you to stay at home than to go out and visit, and besides, you've earned a little R&R - because I always make that your busiest day of the week.

Well, I just wanted to drop you a note and encourage you to keep up the mediocrity! No sense in you getting all worked up about this gospel stuff anyway. Why, people may begin to think you are a fanatic if you do.

In conclusion, let me say that I am always here to assist you. If anyone starts putting pressure on you to become more involved in the Great Commission, just let me know. I have a pit full of excuses.

Hope to have you with me soon,


The above letter was given to the leadership of our church by the pastor yesterday. It really got me to thinking.

If Satan really did write letters to members of the church (and Christians in general), what would he say? How would he feel? What would he think?

I think it would shock church people if they really could hear the thoughts of Satan. I really do. I think that too many church members/Christians feel like Satan is this funny guy with horns and a tail that is just so gosh-darned silly.

He's not. He is evil, real and seething with hate for those who truly follow Christ.

What would Satan think of your Sunday School? Of your church? Of you?

I hope this blog makes you think. I hope it makes you squirm. I hope it makes you examine your heart and ask some really deep questions.
  • "Do I really believe in Hell?"
  • "Do I really care if people are lost and die and go to Hell?"
  • "Am I doing all I can to make Jesus famous in my corner of the earth?"
  • "Am I reaching out to those I can and sharing the Gospel?"
  • "Am I just warming a pew and not really committed?"
  • "What can I do to carry out the Great Commission?"

I welcome your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to leave them here on this blog.

If this blog made you think, pass it along to your fellow Christians.

-----Shay :o)

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