Monday, November 19, 2007

I visited your children's church service last Sunday

Dear Church Member,


I visited your children's church service last Sunday. Well, to be honest, I did not stay back there too long - all of those happy children being hugged by the children's church volunteers made me sick, and they kept talking about The One over and over. Plus the songs, the stories, the laughter. There were even three children who accepted Him as their Saviour - I could bear it no longer! I had to leave.

However, I did stop by the main sanctuary and looked in on the proceedings, and what I saw there warmed my heart.

The Pastor was asking for volunteers to help with the children's minstry. Not a lot - just one Sunday a month - but I loved your reaction! You crossed your arms and thought - "Not me! That's not my calling! The noise, the runny noses, the tears, the silliness - nope, that's a job for someone else!" I chuckled with glee.

I glanced around the sanctuary and saw similar reactions from many of the congregation. Sure, there were a few that were less obvious and wore a blank smile on their faces and nodded in all of the right places, but they thought the same thing: "Not me."

I love it! Less children's ministry workers mean less little Christians running around. Less little Christians mean less teenage Christians. That means less adult ones, and then they have kids and repeat the cycle. Ahhhhh....nothing like generation after generation coming to be with me. Hehehehehehehehehe

AND, having kids accept Him means that their parents might accept Him, too. That just ruins the whole household.

So I just thought I would write you a note and encourage you to keep up the not so good work!


When is the last time you volunteered to help with the children's ministry?

I teach a Sunday School class and help with AWANA. One of the adult Sunday School classes has "adopted" me and my class and if I need anything - volunteers, supplies, etc. - they happily get it for me.

I'll give an example - I am having a Christmas party for the kids in my class. I am expecting a big turnout, so I went to my sponsoring class and asked for help with supplies and also a volunteer to help me with all of the kids (normally, I am the only adult in the class).

Within minutes, I had 3 volunteers and the class had arranged for supplies to be purchased.

That is an example of the love of Christ in action.

Kids are the future of the church. They are our whole future.

Is it noisy? Yep. Is it tiring? Sometimes.

But the biggest reward is knowing that those precious ones will walk the streets of gold one day. And when they run up to you, hug you, and tell you they love you, it is the best feeling in the world.

How often do you help out the children's ministry?

-----Shay :o)

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